Monta & Carita

We are a Norwegian / Tunisian couple.
When my wife first came to Tunisia, it was a big change for both of us.

Not just because we were going to live together as a couple with both cultural differences and faiths but because we chose to settle in a new city for both of us.

I come from a small town and the capital was big and unknown to me. Since my wife has a different diet, we spent hours in big markets in Tunis looking for ingredients.

We usually ended up going home empty handed and I felt helpless and frustrated that I couldn’t help my wife purchasing her items, simply because she didn’t understand both French and Arabic scripts.

My wife got used to half-ready products so she had to learn everything from scratch and since then she started her food recipes blog.

We spent hours driving around the capital and eventually around the country to both learn about how to relate to life here and learn more about food, growing food and discovering great places.

My wife constantly took pictures and eventually we ended up having thousands of them that we had the pleasure to look at.
I want to share this with you.

I spent years trying to make this website to help new visitors discover the country as I wished it would help us years ago through our journey.

I hope that both Tunisians and foreigners will benefit from this website.
I have taught myself everything from scratch and now I finally feel ready to to share Tunisiaeye with you.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email.
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