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Looking for Air Fryer recipes? Here are some complete recipes guided with Pictures, steps and cooking tips.

Easy Air Fryer recipes

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Air Fryer FAQ

What is the best thing to cook in air fryer?

There are alot of things that you can make in air fryer:
French fries, both sweet and regular potatoes, meat, cakes, cookies and vegetables are also good in the AirFryer.

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What kind of things can you cook in an air fryer?

The most common things to coock in an air fryer:
We have chicken thighs, French Fries , muffins, bacon, burger and date biscuits, Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Drumsticks, Bacon-Wrapped Dates and more!

What Cannot be cooked in Air Fry?

You can actually use it for everything that you can use in your regular oven, but it depends a bit on which Air fryer you have and what accessories you have for the Airfryer.

Here is a list with Things You Should Never Cook in an Air Fryer

Is Air fryer healthier than oven?

Of course! You use less oil and the food retains the vitamins.
Air fryers do a good job, it makes the food extra crispy because the basket underneath allows the hot air to penetrate while oils drips into a perforated tray below.

The air fryer Spreads the heat evenly while cooking, the secret is located directly beneath the heating element, the ventilator operates at a significantly greater speed.
It’s low maintenance when it comes to monitoring or cleaning afterwards.