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Looking for Norwegian recipes? Take a trip to Norway without leaving your kitchen.

Complete Norwegian recipes from a Norwegian house wife, guided with Pictures, easy steps and cooking tips.

Traditional Norwegian Recipes

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Norwegian Recipes FAQ

Here are some questions and answers to help you understand the norwegian culture and to learn more about the norwegian food.

What is the most famous food in Norway?

The most famous dish in Norway is Fårikål. It has been chosen as Norway’s national dish.
Fårikål is made from lamb, cabbage, pepper, flour and water and it’s very easy to make.


Since the old days it has been served on Sunday dinners when the whole family gathers around the table and after the mother has spent hours in the kitchen to get the meat done so tender that it almost melts in the mouth. The dish is served with potatoes and carrots.

What spices do Norwegians use?

In recent times, Norwegians have become acquainted with spices and become curious about foreign dishes with different spices, but they still have a long way to go.
Piffikrydder, Grillkrydder, salt and pepper are probably the spices that every Norwegian has on his kitchen.

What do Norwegians eat for breakfast?

Oatmeal, cereal and yogurt are common but mostly a slice of bread with various toppings.

What do Norwegians eat for lunch?

Norwegians don’t have the same relationship with hot lunches as many have. Most people prefer bread with various toppings or just a yogurt and a fruit.

What do Norwegians eat for dinner?

Normally both couple are at work, so it is convenience food or ready-to-eat products that are eaten the most.
We eat a lot of fish because it’s easy to get, it’s fresh and good quality.

What is the most popular dish in Norway?

I think it must be Tacos, or Nachos. Norwegians love it!
Every friday evening, many people have it as a must or a kind of ritual otherwise the week-end is incomplete without it.

Norwegians have the weekend as a kind of rest from everyday life.
Sunday dinner is often the time when they prepare meals from scratch at ease.

Why do Norwegians eat dinner so early?

Well, it gets dark fast, especially in the winter. I also think it’s because the whole family gathers in the afternoon, parents are home from work and kids are home from school. We also have a tradition of eating supper made of bread slices with toppings.

How do Norwegians eat salmon?

Since we have access to good fresh salmon, we eat it often.
We cook it with little vinegar in salted water, serve it with potatoes, butter and sour cream.

Also We fry the salmon and serve it the same way as cooked.
We have smoked salmon that can be eaten with bread or we can make Lefserull from them.

We can make fish soup with salmon, the varieties are countless.
Norwegians produce and export tonnes of salmon abroad.

What is Norwegian cheese called?

Norwegian cheese is good! It is made from natural milk and doesn’t taste like the one you get from abroad.
We have Brunost which is probably the most special and well-known cheese among foreigners who come to Norway as well as goat cheese.

We have Norwegian cheese which is a white cheese, Nøkkelost which is white cheese with caraway in it, and many more…

My husband’s experience with brown cheese!

Why are potatoes popular in Norway?

The foreigners often call the norwegians “potatoes”. Is it beacause many of the Norwegians are white and chubby? ☺️
No, I’m not sure but Norwegians use a LOT of potatoes in their meals.