Q Should I switch to LED from HID systems?

It honestly comes down to the quality of the LED light. Most commercial growers still rely on HID systems but slowly more and more are switching over to LED. Quality LED lighting systems definitely have a bunch of benefits when compared to HID lighting. Firstly, you can achieve a spectrum that is similar to HID bulbs. Secondly, you can produce the same if not more yield while using less energy and heat.

Q How much light do plants require to grow?

This will vary depending on the type of plant and the stage they are at. Just like measuring hydro, we can measure the amount of light at any given point. A new grower might think that the brighter the light looks (high lumens) the better it is for their plants. What growers actually need to measure is the Photo-synthetically Active Radiation (PAR). Photons inside the PAR wavelengths is the main driver of photosynthesis. There are two measurements of PAR: PPF (all protons) & PPDF (protons on a given point). As a general guideline for growing cannabis for maximum yields, you need 100 – 300 PPFD for seedling, 350 – 600 PPFD for the vegging stage, and 600 – 1000 PPFD for flowering. So, if you need agriculture LED grow lights online for sale from LUMAGRO, then feel free to contact us for guidance.

Q How much do LED grow lights cost?

In today’s market you can get an LED grow light at practically any price point. What separates our LEDS from most is that we only use top bin chips and industry leading drivers like Inventronics. You can go through our collection of LED grow lights to learn about what type of LED grow lights you require and how much it will cost. You will only find quality lights on our website as we are the best Canadian indoor growing equipment supplier online.

Q How to pick the right HID system?

When it comes to choosing which HID system to go with, the height of your grow space is the most important factor. If the ceiling is too low and the light wattage is too high you will end up burning your plants from both the heat and the photons released from the light.
Here is a general rule of thumb to follow:

9' - 10' Ceilings: 1000W DE System
8' - 9' Ceilings: 750W DE System
7' - 8' Ceilings: 600W DE System

Q What are the benefits of HID systems?

Double Ended HPS technology has been making headlines by producing most evident plant growth as compared to other alternatives. It is a unique lamp technology that has paved a new path for horticulturists for better quality and yields. Double ended grow lights have a positive impact on all plants these are installed around. These lights have a strong edge over the slow, single-ended bulbs that made use of high pressure sodium lights. It is a proven fact that even after 10, 000 hours of working, the double-ended lights are capable of giving 90 percent of their initial output unlike their single ended counterparts. DE lamps also emit more ultraviolet and infrared light than traditional SE bulbs, which increases potency and essential oil production in plants. It is also proven that double ended lights are more stable which allows them to have a 10% - 30% increase in light intensity and PAR.

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