Q What are Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles?

Interlocking PVC floor tiles, as the name would suggest, are specially adapted floor tiles that are fitted by locking together. This unique nature offers a plethora of different benefits, that could potentially make interlocking flooring tiles right for you.

Choosing the right interlocking flooring is absolutely essential for your home or business. As part of this goal, there are a huge number of factors to be considered. Deciding on whether interlocking floor tiles could be right for you is just one of these considerations.

As standard, most PVC floor tiles work on a locking basis. In a similar manner to jigsaw puzzles and the like, each tile has indents (grooves) and protruding “keys” (tongue) that fit into these indents on other tiles. This ensures that the tiles fit together snugly and without overlap. Well made interlocking tiles should give a floor that looks like the full thing!

Q How to Fit Industrial Flooring Tiles

Industrial flooring tiles are hugely beneficial for businesses, due to the ease of installation. The PVC floor tiles come in ready separated tiles that can rapidly be fitted together in a large “jigsaw puzzle” style. When fitted correctly with a snug and tight fit, the tiles provide a seamless join that is hard to detect, if at all. The tiles can be placed at an exceptionally fast speed to provide a full interlocking flooring solution that is durable and practical.

Fitting industrial flooring tiles is easy. Start by placing down edge tiles around the walls or external circumference of your floor space. Always ensure that the PVC tile is placed accurately and flatly. Following on from this, you can then begin to fit the additional interlocking PVC floor tiles. Doing so is easy, as each floor tile should neatly fit into the surrounding tiles due to the lock and key mechanism.

The fitted floor tiles should then be sturdy and well held in place. This will allow for rapid floor tile placement. In other words, using PVC floor tiles is a great way for businesses to rapidly lay down a fresh new workshop or factory floor.

Once the PVC industrial flooring tiles have locked into place, continuing is easy. Simply continue to fit the tiles in with each other and you will soon have a fully completed floor laid down.

Q Why Choose Interlocking Flooring?

Interlocking flooring, with their lock and key mechanism and design, are exceptionally easy for business owners to install. This makes them a practical interlocking flooring option that is becoming increasingly popular.

The ease of installation is arguably the biggest benefit of workshop floor tiles. Instead of having to undergo a major logistics challenge to roll out and cut massive expanses of non-interlocking flooring, the jigsaw style floor tiles can simply be placed down. The interlocking mechanism means that you don’t have to worry about procedures such as spacing out the tiles, etc. Moreover, once the tiles have locked into each other, you can be confident that they won’t shift or move position. This will allow you to ensure that the new interlocking flooring is accurate and well fitted.

Interlocking flooring can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colours. They are popular thanks to the huge number of customisation options, too. Interlocking PVC tiles can be smooth or can otherwise have a texture. This makes them useful for a huge number of different applications and purposes due to the R10 anti slip resistance they provide!

Moreover, interlocking flooring can even come with patterns and prints as standard. This will allow you to create a truly unique interlocking flooring solution. Perhaps you want a practical design, such as arrows to show walkways. Or, maybe, you’d like something a little jovial to keep the workplace happy and welcoming? Whatever you are after, interlocking PVC tiles have the potential to meet this requirement.

Industrial Interlocking Floor tiles can come in many different thicknesses for heavy use and lesser use areas alike. This allows them to be practical, even in warehouses with vehicles. Additionally, the lack of preparation prior to laying means that the workplace won’t need to be shut down for long in order to replace the existing flooring solution!

Q Durability of Interlocking Flooring

Interlocking PVC floor tiles are a durable interlocking flooring option that many businesses use to replace their old floors. Interlocking floor tiles are easy to lay and come in a variety of styles and thicknesses. This makes them suitable options for a huge number of different applications.

As such, if your business is considering replacing its current flooring, interlocking PVC floor tiles could be a good contender. Our team here at Wiz Floor Systems offer a huge selection of PVC interlocking floor tiles for our clients. After all, we understand that nothing but the best will do! Let us help you find the perfect Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles for your needs today!

Q The benefits of interlocking floor tiles over resin

There are many different reasons as to why you may wish to consider investing in interlocking floor tiles UK. Indeed, many people automatically assume that resin floors are the right choice for them.

However, interlocking floor tiles UK may possibly be a far superior choice for your business. So, how do these two flooring solutions differ? Which is right for your business to use for its flooring solutions?

Q What are Resin Floors?

Resin floors are made from a specialist epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is commonly used as a flooring solution due to the high chemical resistance and durability that resin offers. Resin floors are widely chosen as they are deemed to be cost effective options. As such, many businesses make the choice to invest in resin flooring. But, often, interlocking floor tiles UK could instead make a better choice for your business’ new flooring instead.

Q How versatile and eco friendly is factory flooring?

PVC floor tiles are a modern innovation in the factory flooring industry. In line with this, as well as being hugely beneficial for businesses, PVC floor tiles are hugely eco friendly and versatile! As such, it is imperative that you make sure to check the pros and cons of your choice of factory flooring. This will allow you to make the perfect choice for your business—and our team here at Wiz Floor Systems are on hand to help you make that decision!

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